Upgrade reading in your classrooms

Ignite the next generation of readers through Bookwheel to motivate students and make reading fun. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today! Free for teachers.

What is Bookwheel?

Bookwheel is an interactive platform where students can test their knowledge on books they read, earn rewards, and engage in friendly competition among their classmates. Watch our video to learn more!

Incentivize students with points

Incentivize students to read with a classwide leaderboard, level system, and unlockables that encourage friendly competition.

  • Students can earn points by reading books and logging their progress
  • Students can show off thier flare with displayable badges
  • Students at the top of the leaderboard will recieve prizes

Power up and reward reading

After checking for student comprehension with our many book quizzes, students will earn points that will be used to shop.

  • Access more than 250 book quizzes, with more added everyday.
  • Students can buy or earn hand-drawn badges with coins

Grow students into lifelong readers

Use our advanced artificial intelligence to recommend the best book for your student and observe student progress with digital reading logs to help grow your student into a lifelong reader

  • Collect reading logs and observe student book progress and scores
  • Create classes with unlimited students
  • Work with any computer, phone, or Chromebook